If you are planning to buy a property then youare at the right place since we have needed expertise and resources to help youout. Having several years of industry experience, we can meet any requirementyou may have.

Services We Provide – A Step by Step Guide

We have the expertise to provide a range of services which include:

  • Help with your search
  • Arrange viewing
  • The offer
  • Agreement about sale
  • Conveyancing
  • Survey and valuation
  • Signing of contract
  • Mortgage offer
  • Exchange of contracts
  • Completion day formalities

Help with Your Search

We will provide property recommendations as per your requirements and expectations.

In case, properties matching your requirements are not available immediately, we will constantly search for one that matches your needs and let you know when such property becomes available. Moreover, we will also inform you about alternative options which would be suitable for you.

Arrange Viewing

If you like a certain property then we can move to the next step and arrange a viewing. Most often, we hold the keys which means a viewing can be organized at any time that is suitable for you. But, it may also happen that time is to be agreed upon with present owner.

We would like to add here that many people prefer weekends for property viewing and in case, several buyers have shown their interest in a specific property then an open house can be arranged. In such scenario, we will provide you with a time slot when you can visit to view the property.

The Offer

We recommend that if you like a certain property then you should immediately inform us about your interest. The reason is that if it is one of the popular properties that is receiving good amount of interest and there is a delay on your part in putting the offer then you may well lose the property.

Moreover, it will be better to provide the offer in writing which confirms your position as well as provides your financial details so that there are higher chances that your offer will be accepted by the vendor client.

But, we would like to add that offer is to be followed up with signing of contract between both the parties, until then involved parties are not under any legal obligation.

Agreement about Sale

As soon as your offer is accepted by property owner, our team will be writing to all involved parties to provide details about the transaction. After that the solicitors from both sides can start legal work.

It will also be the time for you to start your mortgage application as well as make needed arrangements so that a survey can be carried out.


You will require assistance of a conveyancer or solicitor for handling all the legal paper work as well as to liaison with solicitor that vendor is working with. On our part, we can recommend local conveyancers and solicitors that we are associated with.

However, if you are taking a mortgage then it is likely that mortgage firm will need you to work with a conveyancer or solicitor that they recognize. As such, you will have to check whether the legal representative you select will be accepted by the lender.

Survey and Valuation

Normally, lender will ask that a survey be conducted for identification of issues which can affect the said property and in turn have a negative effect of lender's position.

Surveyor will also inform lender about his opinion with respect to value of the property and help the lender make sure that the money they would be lending to you would remain safe.