By letting your property, you will be exposing yourself to different risks. By taking landlord insurance you will have the assurance that you will get required coverage for risks that you may have to face.

Landlord Insurance Services

Few of the services you will be receiving by taking our landlord insurance include:

  • Dedicated claims hotline number for landlords and tenants.
  • Malicious and accidental damage cover, which is included as standard. However, it is subject to a pre-determined policy excess.
  • Coverage for loss of rent for a period of thirty-six months, following a serious damage claim like storm, flood, fire, etc.
  • Cover for theft of content without any sign of forcible or violent entry or exit. However, this coverage will be subject to inclusion of content cover in the landlord insurance. This coverage will be up to pre-defined maximum limit and also subject to a fixed policy excess.

Exclusions from Coverage

Few of the things which are not included in the landlord insurance coverage include:

  • Gradual wear/tear
  • Maintenance defects
  • Contents of tenant
  • Defective workmanship

Landlord Portfolio Insurance

Apart from the usual landlord insurance, we also provide landlord portfolio insurance. It is a single policy that covers multiple properties. This type of insurance can be beneficial in different ways:

  • You will have to keep note of a single renewal date and pay one premium.
  • It is easy to add or remove properties from insurance plan.
  • Flexible coverage that is tailored to your requirements.

Emergency Coverage

For an additional cost you can avail this emergency coverage. By using this coverage you will get access to our list of approved tradesmen any time of the day. You can call upon tradesmen in case of emergencies such as:

  • Burst pipes
  • Broken windows
  • Failure of heating system and similar other critical issues

When you take this type of coverage you will have the assurance that:

  • You will get coverage for expenditure up to a pre-determined value for every claim with no excess.
  • Such claim can be directly reported by letting agent or the tenant. Moreover, it will not impact standard content and building insurance bonus that you get for no claims.

Rent Protection and Legal Expenditure Insurance

This type of insurance can provide coverage for the following:

  • Coverage for legal expenditure you have to incur for regaining possession of property. Such legal steps become necessary when tenant does not vacate the property after tenancy ends.
  • Coverage for alternative accommodation is provided to you as well as your family for thirty days. This coverage is provided when the tenant has not vacated the property after tenancy is over and there are arrears in the rental account.
  • You also get coverage for eviction of squatters in case such squatters gain unlawful access to property.