Lettings service options

As a landlord you have to bear many risks, responsibilities, and at the same time get rewarded for your efforts. When selecting a letting service you will have to find the right balance between all these three factors.

The benefit of utilize our guaranteed rent service is that is provides landlords financial stability of getting a fixed income without having to make any investment. Similarly, our tenant find service is the ideal solution for landlords who are interested in taking more responsibility.

Our Letting Services Options

We offer 4 letting services options which are:

  • Guaranteed rent service
  • Fully managed landlord service
  • Rent collection landlord service
  • Tenant find service

Guaranteed Rent Service

This service offers landlords the opportunity to earn guaranteed fixed income for their property. This rental income is guaranteed irrespective of whether property is let or tenant is paying the rents.

If you are a busy landlord then this is the most suitable solution for you.

Fully Managed Landlord Service

This is the right option for landlords with limited time and are not able to manage their property. We take care of the tenancy in similar fashion to what we do for guaranteed rent service with the main difference that here a guaranteed rental income is not provided.

How this service works?

Here, we would be charging a setup fee to find tenants, help you in preparing your property, take interview of tenants, draw up required agreements, and prepare the inventory.

Additionally, we will be charging a monthly commission for management of tenant inquiries, rent collection, and for carrying out regular maintenance.

When the tenancy ends, we will also assist with the check-out process.

Rent Collection Landlord Service

This type of service is right for landlords who have the energy and time to interact with tenants and look into their requests, but want assistance with administrative and financial duties.

How this service works?

Initially, we will be charging a setup fees for locating tenants, helping you prepare the property, interview tenants, prepare inventory, and draft required agreements.

As you will be taking care of property upkeep, the commission we charge on monthly basis will be lower compared what is to be paid for a fully managed service. We will be taking responsibility of collecting rent and making payment to landlords through BACS.

Tenant Find Service

Many landlords are interested in handling all the details related to letting of their property. They also want to run the tenancy on their own with full responsibility. In such situation, this service helps them in finding the right tenant.

How this service works?

We will be advertising your property as well as accompany prospective tenants for viewing and also source the right references.

Here, we will be charging a setup fee for locating the right tenant and look after other details such as property preparation, creation of inventory and required agreements, and interviewing prospective tenants.

Additionally, the fee will primarily depend upon kind of property that your are letting.

If you would like more information then give us a call on our helpline number and our customer service representatives will do their best to answer all your questions.