Services We Provide – A Step by Step Guide To Renting

Before starting your search for a property, you need to be clear about your priorities; size of lounge, number of bedrooms, location, etc. and match the same with budget you have in mind. To accomplish this task what you can do is make use of a rent affordability calculator.

    Registration on the Site

    After this initial research is completed what you will have to do is start search for a property that matches your criterion. For this, you can register online on our site to get regular property updates or visit one of our offices.

    By registering on our site you will have the assurance that whenever a property gets listed that matches your requirements, you instantly get a notification for the same.

    After you find a property that matches your expectations, you should get in touch with our office so that a suitable time can be fixed for viewing of the property.

    The good thing for you is that we have a trained staff that will assist you in finding the right property.

    However, it will be your responsibility to provide as much information as possible about what type of property you are looking to get and share your wish list so that our team can find the right property for you.

    Consider the Financial Aspects

    You need to take the finances into consideration and get clear information about deposit you will have to make and the agent fees that is to be paid.

    It is worth mentioning here that in some location within U.K., it is necessary for agents to provide details of fees they would be charging on their website and also provide a clear breakdown of the same if you ask for it.

    Referencing Process

    After viewing of property completes, you will be required to pay the administration fee and a holding deposit. This will be followed by the referencing process consisting of:

    • Credit check
    • References from your present employer and landlord
    • Verification of your identification documents
    • If required you will have to provide a guarantor and reference checks will be performed for guarantor as well

    If everything goes well then we will let you that your application to let the rent the property has been successful.

    Tenancy Agreement

    The next step would be creation of the tenancy agreement which will have details of contractual as well as legal obligations that you and landlord will have to follow.

    You should thoroughly read the agreement before signing it. For this, you should ask for the draft agreement right after your application gets accepted.

    At this juncture, your first rental payment and the security deposit will be taken and then the deposit amount will be registered with any of the deposit schemes that are government approved.

    You can also go through our tenancy deposit protection guide which will help you understand in simple terms the requirements that are to be met.

    However, before moving in it will be necessary for you to pay the balance amount consisting of any outstanding fees, deposit amount balance, and the rent for the first month.

    Inventory Document

    Before the actual move in, the landlord or we will be preparing an inventory document which will be describing condition in which property is in, and anything that has been left behind by landlord.

    This inventory will be checked at the time you vacate the property to make sure that it is in same condition and whether any deposit deductions will be nececssary.


    It will be responsibility of the landlord to insure the building as well as its possessions, however, you can take another insurance in the form of a content insurance for your belongings.

    Your Responsibilities

    As a tenant you will be expected to:

    • Make rent payments on time
    • Make payment of council tax
    • Pay for utility bills and TV license
    • Perform garden and household maintenance
    • Properly dispose off rubbish
    • Clean the windows
    • Perform basic level of maintenance like replacement of light bulbs
    • Make sure the property remains secure
    • Advise landlord about maintenance work or repairs as required
    • Do not create a lot of discomforting noise for your neighbours
    • Property ventilate the property

    You can also view our maintenance guide that will give you a clear idea of who will be responsible for few of the common issues that can arise during your tenancy.

    You should expect to get the following in return:

    • Allowed to stay in the property undisturbed
    • Get 24 hours notice in case property is to be accessed by landlord
    • Get the property in good state of repair performed by landlord
    • Get the property with water supply, electricity, and gas connection in working condition
    • Get charged a fair market rate

    Notice Period

    Notice period to be provided by you and the landlord will be mentioned in the tenancy agreement. You should inform us if you want to vacate the property and we will advice you on the steps that you need to take.

    Check Out Appointment

    At this point you will have to:

    • Ensure that all due rent payments are cleared
    • Remove all your belongings
    • Return all the keys
    • Ensure property has been cleaned
    • Keep a note of meter readings
    • Keep the furniture in their original place
    • Replace light bulbs and other fixtures
    • Make sure the garden is in proper condition

    During the checkout we will compare property and the contents to make sure they match the initial inventory that was taken.

    After tenancy ends, any type of deductions from your tenancy deposit will be agreed within the next ten days. The process of how the deposit amount is returned will depend upon the provider that is protecting the deposit amount.