Tenant insurance

Moving to a new house will certainly be exciting but you should not forget the importance of tenant insurance since it will help in protecting your content as well as landlord’s property.

The benefit of taking tenant insurance is that it helps you in protecting your possessions as well as your liability towards your landlord. Such insurance is specifically designed for tenants, which means it accommodates needs and requirements of tenants in the best possible manner.

What is covered by a tenant insurance?

This type of insurance provides coverage for accidental damage that you cause to landlord’s property. Such coverage can protect you from having to bear significant losses in case of any damage to property.

What are the main benefits of this type of insurance?

  • There is absolutely no excess that is applied to liability of the tenant.
  • Tenant's liability insurance provides you the flexibility of choosing between different terms such as, six, nine, or twelve months. Thus, you will be able to select an option according to length of your tenancy.
  • Moreover, you can also avail the facility of paying in instalments. But, you will have to keep note of the fact that such facility will be subjected to additional interest charges.
  • This tenant insurance coverage will be up to a maximum value of £2,500. This coverage will be provided if property does not remain vacant for more than sixty days.

Is there any additional coverage available?

Yes, you can purchase additional coverage for content but you should keep note of the fact that £100 excess applies to this type of additional coverage. Let us look at what this coverage includes.

  • A maximum coverage of £1000 for downloads. This will be covering replacement cost for non-recoverable film, music, or electronic data that has been legally downloaded.
  • A maximum coverage of £500 for contents of freezer. This coverage is provided if frozen food in the freezer gets ruined due to a power cut or breakdown and your freezer is not more than ten years old.
  • A maximum coverage of £500 for replacement locks in case keys get stolen.
  • A maximum coverage of £250 for different items in the garden.
  • A maximum coverage of £2,000 for theft of contents present in any of the outbuildings.
  • You can also extend the coverage to include accidental damage.
  • It is also possible to increase the coverage to a maximum of £50,000.
  • You can have coverage for personal possessions that are outside your house. Such coverage will applicable on a worldwide basis and provide a maximum coverage of £1,500 for each of the items.

It is worth mentioning here that certain exclusions, conditions, and terms do apply according to specific situation.

In case, you have any queries regarding these then you can get in touch with us over phone or through email to get the right information.

Why us for tenant insurance?

The main reason you should use our services for tenant insurance is that we try to thoroughly understand you particular needs and then only recommend insurance products from our selected panel of insurers which will be right for you.

Thus, we provide bespoke solutions that are perfect for each and every customer!